writing prompts

Writing can be a great form of respite. Please take 15 – 20 minutes to respond in writing to the prompts below. Try to just keep writing without overthinking it. Tell that inner critic to shut up. If you like a passage, phrase, or image, you can come back to it later to expand on it. Perhaps it will lead to a more fleshed out piece that you can submit to together.

  1. Share a story about your maternal grandmother. (April 16)
  2. Make a list of mentors you have had in your life. Choose one of them and write them a letter about what you learned from them. (April 15)
  3. Read Anastasia Edel’s March 17 entry in the New York Review of Books Pandemic Journal. Write a story entitled “Decency (April 12)
  4. Write a short story beginning, “She put on her mask and walked out her front door for the first time in three weeks.” (April 11)
  5. Make a list of new practices or activities you have been engaged in since the COVID-19 shutdown. Circle the ones you would like to continue even after the crisis abates. Write about one of the items you circled. (April 10)
  6. The modern architect and designer, Le Corbusier, once wrote, “a house is a machine for living.”  Reflecting on this observation, consider your relationship to your home and how it may have changed during the last three weeks. (April 9)