sunlight after the storm

A photo diary by Roy Karp

It had been a gloomy, grey day, one of several in a row when we couldn’t escape to our backyard for a little respite of fresh air and sun. Then the clouds began to break apart as dusk neared and the house filled up with orange glowing light. I suddenly felt an urge to capture not only the visual beauty of the light, but also the emotions it inspired. I grabbed my camera and snapped about twenty photos, of which five are pasted below. In the first photo, I tried to capture the way in which the light had changed the entire feeling and mood of the house. In the next two, I focused on the window pane itself, that transparent barrier that separates inside from outside. I tried to evoke the sense of being cooped up inside for six straight weeks, of looking outside at a world that is tantalizingly close yet out of reach. Finally, in the last two photos I allowed myself to shift the focus to the sunset itself in all its glory, to the colorful clouds and the crisp light that shines after a dark rainstorm has passed.