We are currently living through a global pandemic unprecedented in our lifetimes. An economic system that has long contributed to social, economic, and political inequality is showing signs of strain. The lack of a federal policies to guarantee paid family medical leave and sick time as in almost every other democracy on earth is exposing cracks in our social safety net that have of course been there all along.

Building a Democratic Economy

Mutual Aid Networks

Homeschooling Resources

The Smithsonian Institute’s American History Museum

National Parks Service

Poetry Foundation

Beyond the Chalkboard: Website created by the Boston Children’s Museum as a resource for after school programs, but filled with lots of activities, most from 30-60 minutes.

Newspapers in Education: Many newspapers have excellent Newspapers in Education programs (NIE) that provide educational scaffolding for the paper.  The Washington Post has one of the oldest and most well respected NIE sites:

Restorative Justice / Peace Circles